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Lieferung von Zement aus der Türkei


Fornecimento de cimento da Turquia


Fourniture de ciment de Turquie


Fornitura di cemento dalla Turchia


Suministro de cemento de Turquía


Доставка на цимент от Турция


Tiekimo cemento iš Turkijos


Piegāde Cementa no Turcijas


Набавка на цемент од Турција


Levering van cement uit Turkije


Tilførsel av sement fra Tyrkia


Dostawa cementu z Turcji


Furnizare de ciment din Turcia


Поставка цемента из Турции


 Leverans av cement från Turkiet


Поставка цемента из Турске


Dodávka cementu z Turecka


Dobava cementa iz Turčije


Таҳвили семент аз Туркия


Dodávka cementu z Turecka


Постачання цементу з Туреччини


Kínálat a cement Törökországból


Turkiyadan sement yetkazib berish


Пастаўка цэменту з Турцыі




Cement in sling bags (Bagged Cement) from Turkey


Different types of cement (Ordinary Portland Cement, Type I & II, CEM I 42.5R, CEM II 42.5R, CEM II 32.5R, low alkali cement, etc…) in variable kg of bags with a choice of kraft, polypropylene bags or polypropylene bags are offered to our customers in slings of 1.5 / 2 mt slings.


British standards (12/1996) or American standards (ASTM C-150).


Total quantity: ????


Delivery time: Up to 30-45 days from date of sellers receipt of the acceptable Operative Payment instrument.


Payment Terms: Fully Funded, Transferable, Divisible and Auto revolving




Letter of Credit covering the value of one (1) monthly quantity 100%


Payable at sight at loading port at seller’s bank account against full set of


Documents required for the payment as per the contract.







SiO2 Silicon Dioxide 21%

Al2O Aluminum Oxide 5.30%

Fe2O3 Ferric Oxide 3.30%

CaO Calcium Oxide 65.60%

MgO Magnesium Oxide 1.10%

SO3 Sulphur Trioxide 2.70%

LOI Loss Of Ignition 0.90%

C3A Tricalcium Aluminates 8.05%

C3S Tricalcium Silicate 60.00%

C2S Dicalcium Silicate 15.00%

C4AF Tricalcium Alumino Ferric 9.76%



Initial Setting Time (VICAT) 105 Minutes



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